Frequently Asked Questions

The process of having a new home built for you can be a bit intimidating, especially if it’s your first time. CMC New Homes has pulled together our frequently-asked-questions section to to help you along.


How to contact our customer care department:

We are available to support our homeowners after the closing day. For general inquiries please contact our Customer Care Representative:


An emergency situation that involves a warrantied item and requires immediate attention to avoid substantial damage to your home, or risk to your health and safety and could include, but is not limited to:
• Complete loss of heat in winter
• A gas leak
• Complete loss of electricity
• Complete loss of water
• Water penetration
• A plumbing leak
• Basement and roof leaks

In these rare instances, contact the company that performed the work on your home during the building process.

Why can't I perform any work on my own prior to closing day?

For your own safety and for quality assurance reasons, we cannot allow you to do any work in your home prior to closing day. Should you wish to perform any work on your own you must wait until after closing day. Any independent work will be removed immediately as it can interrupt the production schedule, impede the certification process, and void your warranty with CMC New Homes.

Who is responsible for setting up the utilities for my closing day?

You should contact the utility companies to transfer your services. This should be done prior to the closing day.

Why do some upgrades cost more than at the local home renovation store?

Upgrades provided CMC New Homes will be fully installed when you move in, which eliminates potential scheduling changes or the inconvenience that may result from making an independent purchase after closing. What's more, the upgrade pricing you're given at your design appointment is guaranteed until closing, and you can finance the cost of the upgrades into your loan, which reduces out-of-pocket expenses.

More questions? We’re here to help.

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